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qthread_get_tasklocal - get pointer to the task-local data segment


#include <qthread/qthread.h>

void *
qthread_get_tasklocal (unsigned int size);


Use this function to retrieve a pointer to the task-specific data segment. When successful, the return value is a pointer to a memory segment at least as large as size bytes; otherwise, NULL is returned. If size is larger than the current amount of allocated space, then the allocation will be increased to the requested size. The current size of the task-local data segment can be found using qthread_size_tasklocal().


The operation of qthread_get_tasklocal() is modified by the following environment variable:
This variable sets the task-local data segment size at initialization. Changes to this value during the course of the program run are ignored; the value is only considered when qthread_init() is run.

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