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qthread_sorted_sheps, qthread_sorted_sheps_remote - returns a list of other shepherds, sorted by their distance


#include <qthread.h>

const qthread_shepherd_id_t *
qthread_sorted_sheps (void);

const qthread_shepherd_id_t *
qthread_sorted_sheps_remote (const qthread_shepherd_id_t src);


This function returns a list of shepherds, sorted by their distance from either the current shepherd or the specified shepherd src. This list is an array of qthread_shepherd_id_t objects with a length of one less than the number of shepherds (as determined by qthread_num_shepherds()). The source shepherd is not included in the list.

The returned array must not be altered.

Return Value

These functions will return either a pointer to an array of qthread_shepherd_id_t objects, or NULL if the specified shepherd is either invalid or does not have a specific CPU affinity.

Table of Contents